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Welcome to Ice Cave Outdoors

Ice Cave fish houses are lightweight, quality built all aluminum fish houses built for the demanding winter conditions in the Midwest.

These ice houses allow you to fish from early ice to near ice out conditions in warmth and comfort of a permanent shelter.  You will be able to stay warm and fish in comfort while all the other wheel houses are on shore waiting for thicker ice conditions.

Be able to use your prized house for months instead of weeks or even days no matter what kind of winter mother nature deals us.

Be able to get off the plowed roads and get away from the crowds and explore other areas that other people could only dream of pulling their ice shanty to.  And if the fish aren’t biting, it is one of the quickest houses to move spot to spot of any other houses that are available on the market today with virtually no set up time or hassles.

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Ice Houses

Custom Designed

Ice Cave Outdoors will work with you to Design a Custom Ice House, and more! Ask us about pontoon boats!


Skid House Advantages

Lightweight and towable with an ATV, snowmobile, vehicle and even by hand on a couple of the smaller models

Fast moves. No set up time or tear down of a canvas house or a wheel house

Extremely easy to heat. Save big on heating costs!

Be able to and explore the lake, fish your favorite spots and stay away from the heavily fished areas

Save thousands over the cost of a heavy wheel house or permanent house

No rust issues and virtually maintenance free

Be able to use your house for months instead of weeks or days like a wheel house or permanent house